Got Consent™


College Students Get Consent the Easy Way...

A Simple Scan

                       On campus. At a frat party. After the game. It’s a scene played out all across America:                                                                                         two consenting students decide to leave together...                                                                             

Can You Prove it?

Men   Women

Document a physical relationship by creating proof of mutual consent. 

No Photos or Recordings Required! 


Got Consent™

A consent agreement by both parties can make the intentions very clear. No witness needed. The challenge is, to
provide a discreet, user-friendly tool that is easily accessible, identifiable and does not spoil the mood. The idea for an
easy-to-use, at your fingertip App becomes very valuable.

How Does It Work?

Quick Consent™ - On the Spot - Scan Personal QR Code


Send Consent™

Select User

Send Consent Request

Reply Yes or No


Proof of Consent

Mutual Consent Record

Consent Certificate™

Print, Email, Text

30-Day Self-Destruct

Not Registered

Easy sign up with "Invite A Friend" on the App or use the website registration.

ConsentEDU App for
iOS and Android

Exchange consent through the software via a Wi-Fi or cellular connection established by identifying Registered Users. ConsentEDU also makes consent easy and convenient with its Quick Consent™ scan feature. Simply scan your partner's QR code to initiate a request. The two users select YES or NO, a confirmation will appear on both User's device screens. A transaction screen provides a link to view, print, text and email a Consent Certificate™. After 30 days, the ConsentEDU App permanently and securely deletes all communications from the record.


  • Live Chat 
  • Anonymous Screen Name
  • Quick Consent™ - QR Code Scan
  • Advance Consent™ Send Request
  • Alert Notification Sound & Vibrate
  • Onscreen Confirmation
  • Cancel Consent Anytime
  • User Screen Name Search
  • Privacy Setting
  • Photo Selfie or Photo Gallery Upload
  • Video Selfie or Video Gallery Upload
  • Third Level Verification 
  • Proof of Mutual Consent Record
  • Transaction Records
  • Consent Certificate™ - Print or Send
  • Encrypted Passwords
  • 30-Day Self-Destructing Records
  • Wi-Fi and Cellular

Why Do You Need It?

A consent agreement by both parties can make the intentions very clear.

Women will have the Proof they need when they say NO - NO Means NO.
Men will also have Proof should the need arise.

- Mutual Consent