About Us

It's not about us...It's about them.

How and Why It Works

ConsentEDU provides peace of mind and empowers college studentss to freely give—or freely deny—consent to physical relationships. 

ConsentEDU acts as a consistent and reliable tool to track and record proof of consent/denial, offering a sense of freedom and security to users. The App tracks time, date, photo, video, location, email verification, telephone number verification, account ID and password.

Just as important is privacy, the ConsentEDU App deletes all records after 30 days (with the only exceptions being what members used the App at a particular place, date and time).  All communications, photos, videos, texts, and whether consent was requested, accepted or denied are permanently and securely wiped from the record.  The records remain for 30 days in order to allow users time to download any data for their personal records.

In just a few clicks, ConsentEDU users can enter a formal agreement either consenting to or denying a physical relationship with another user. By capturing responses from both parties, notifying both parties of successful agreement completion, creating a transaction record or copy of the agreement and saving that agreement to each user’s account, ConsentEDU directly addresses and solves the market’s need for a verifiable mutual consent agreement App. 

Throughout the agreement process, the App promotes open communication between two consenting adult users with it's chat feature, encouraging them to participate in an open dialogue prior to rushing into an intimate relationship.