How it Works

The ConsentEDU Platform is a network of applications made of all the colleges, universities and trade schools in the US. Each Institution is set up within its own college community sharing the same platform. Only students from the same college community appear on the search screen. Students from other college communities can activate consent with students from different college communities using the Scan QR code feature located in their profiles on the menu under “My Account".

Just a few clicks...

Get Consent | Give Consent | Got Consent™

Quick Consent™​ Scan

Select Camera Select QR Code

Get Consent Send

ConsentEDU users can quickly generate a consent agreement in just a few clicks. "Send" a request or use the Quick Consent™ "Scan" QR code feature. Send a Consent Request to the other user by selecting from a list of nearby actively logged-on users. If no users are shown, search for user by screen name. Scan for consent by selecting My Camera as the other user selects My QR code. The user getting the Consent Request will receive an alert notification asking if he or she consents or does not consent to a physical relationship. Each Consent Request has proprietary identification markings that verifies each user. Once the sender receives the Consent Request response, he or she quickly answers 'Yes' or 'No' and is then able to submit the completed agreement. Both users are notified when the mutual consent agreement is completed and saved to their Consent Records. A confirmation alert appears on the screen. This agreement will remain in each user’s Consent Records for thirty days before self-destructing. 

Request - Reply - Confirm  

Select A User Send Request Reply Yes or No
Confirmation    Chat & Text   Close Chat

Proof of Consent or Non-Consent 

Transaction Record View, Print, Email
Save Record Before Self-Destruct Self-Destruct

Cross-Platform Consent / Wi-Fi or Cellular / Different Colleges / All iPhone, iPad and Android Devices

ConsentEDU App can be used across all devices. If you are using an iPhone and want to communicate with an Android, no problem. 

If you are a student from one college and need consent with a student from another college, no problem.

Register with your Smartphone/Tablet or at You will be issued an account ID. Set up your profile, select a free 30-day trial and you are ready to start. If your institution is sponsored, your subscribtion is free, if not, contact your college administrators.

Download the App or use the website.

The ConsentEDU software will identify each party from their registration account ID, email and phone number.

Select the User, Scan their QR Code or Send a Request, and get a 'Yes' or 'No' Confirmation.

Who can use it?

Anyone over 18 or of consenting age, check your state’s age of consent laws. Age of Consent Laws

How much does it cost?

Free Download

7-Day Trial 

Non-Sponsored Colleges -  Subscription: $9.99 per student - per month. 

Sponsored Colleges: Free for all students and faculty in that college community. (Requires a License Agreement and Subscription Fee paid by the college or it's Sponsors)

How will it be marketed?

Colleges, Universities, Social Media, Institutional and Corporate Sponsors

ConsentEDU App for
iOS and Android

Exchange consent through the software via a Wi-Fi or cellular connection established by identifying Registered Users. ConsentEDU also makes consent easy and convenient with its Quick Consent™ scan feature. Simply scan your partner's QR code to initiate a request. The two users select YES or NO, a confirmation will appear on both User's device screens. A transaction screen provides a link to view, print, text and email a Consent Certificate™. After 30 days, the ConsentEDU App permanently and securely deletes all communications from the record.