Solves One of Today's Most Troubling Problems Facing University Students and Administrators Alike.
"A Game Changer..."


ConsentEDU for iPhone and Android Creates Proof of Consent—Without Spoiling the Mood - No Photos or Recordings required!​

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What is the ConsentEDU App?

ConsentEDU, is the gold standard solution to the he said/she said debate, utilizing an app that allows both parties to give or deny mutual consent to a physical relationship and provide documentation of proof should the need arise. 

The most sophisticated technology has gone into building the App. Some of the App's highlighted features include; two levels of id verification, live chat, simple send request-reply consent and onscreen confirmation, Quick Consent™ QR code scan, cancel consent, proof of mutual consent transaction records, Consent Certificate™, print, email, and self-destructing records for privacy. The ConsentEDU App does not require the user to take a photo, or audio recording to complete the consent process, although these features are available during the live chat.

The main challenge for ConsentEDU was creating an application that is easy-to-use without spoiling the mood. The ConsentEDU App live chat provides Quick Consent™ with an intuitive user interface that generates proof of mutual consent after just a few simple taps. All conversations and documentation self-destruct after 30 days allowing users ample time to save their records.

What is ConsentEDU?

ConsentEDU is a Network Platform shared exclusively by Colleges and Universities. The platform is made up of every College, University and Trade School in the U.S. (9,500+). Each school is represented by individual communities. 

ConsentEDU, utilizing its patented technology, was developed exclusively for Colleges and Universities to provide a tool to support Title IX compliance, (a federally mandated regulation). ConsentEDU offers two programs; The ConsentEDU Shared Network™ App representing all Colleges and Universities, or a ConsentEDU Private Label™ Stand-alone App with separate domain, admin and server, which can be fully customized to meet specific requirements requested by an Institution. 

The time is right for ConsentEDU.

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